Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Expect At a Service?  When in person worship is allowed during COVID times, seating will be restricted; and other safety procedures, including required masks and social distancing, will be followed. An usher will greet you at the door, confirm that you are wearing a mask, record your name and contact info, give you a paper bulletin, and direct you toward a specific pew where you may sit only with family members with whom you share a residence.  You are welcome to bring your own cushion, since church pew cushions will be removed for safety. The paper bulletin will provide you with the entire order of service because all prayer books and hymnals will be removed from their racks. Services will alternate by week between Morning Prayer and the Holy Eucharist (the Mass/Holy Communion). All Episcopal services can be found in The Book of Common Prayer (WWW.BCPONLINE.ORG) Both services include scripture, prayers and sermon. Until the pandemic is over, there will be no singing. At different parts of the service we sit, kneel and stand as we are able.  But don’t worry, no one will care if you choose not to engage in these Episcopalian calisthenics!  The Morning Prayer service usually lasts about 45-50 minutes; the Holy Eucharist about an hour.  Or further specifics, please refer to the Re-Gathering Guidelines (LINK). Sunday service will also be presented virtually on Facebook Live.

What Do I Have to Do? You must wear a mask and follow all the Re-Gathering Guidelines. Silence your cell phone. Choose a comfortable position, so that you may find your spiritual moment.

Who Can Come to St. George’s? Anyone and everyone!  Infants, children, adults. Straight, gay, bi and transgender. We are ALL children of God.

How Should I Dress? Wear what’s comfortable and what best expresses who you are. We give thanks to God that we are each unique!

What about My Kids? All children are always welcome! Anyone over age 2 must wear a mask at all times.

May I Receive Communion? Do I Have to Receive Communion? Any baptized Christian may receive communion, but it is always your choice.  Although Episcopalians normally receive both the bread (usually a wheat wafer called the host) and wine (mixed with water), we receive only the communion bread during the COVID pandemic. If you would like to receive a blessing only, please cross your arms over your chest.

I am Gluten-Intolerant. Can I Still Receive the Host? You’re not alone!  We always have gluten-free hosts available.  Just let the altar server know.

I’m Not Sure What I Believe, If Anything.  Can I Still Come? Of course.  We are all on a journey together. And the path may have lots of bumps and twists and turns.  Please come.  Chances are, you’ll meet someone who’s been in your spiritual spot (or still is, or will be.)

How Much Do I Have to Give? You may give as much or as little as you like.  Nobody knows how much you give or don’t give. Your contribution is between you and God.

Where Are the Restrooms? To reach the restrooms, go up the aisle on the left and turn left just opposite the communion rail.  Go through the door, then through the chapel (past the stained glass windows), through the John Brown coffee hour room and you’ll find one (handicapped accessible) restroom to your right. This one also has a changing table.  There’s another restroom farther down the hall on the left.

Are the Worship Space (Sanctuary) and Parish Hall Handicapped Accessible? There is a ramp in the courtyard that leads into the Parish Hall. Once inside, turn right to go to the worship space; turn left to go to St. Paul’s Chapel, the John Brown coffee hour room and the restroom.  If you are unable to join us at the communion rail, please tell an usher and the priest and chalice bearer will come to you.  They do it every week!

I Have More Questions.  What Do I Do? Come to coffee hour to meet people and ask!  Exchange phone numbers and emails.  Ask the priest when you can chat by phone or email or even Zoom. Please remember that each of us was once a newcomer. We are so happy to have you!

Where Shall I Park? There’s plenty of street parking as well as a whole library parking lot right across the street.