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Planned Giving

Also called "deferred giving," planned giving provides opportunities and the means to support charitable corporations in a longer-term way--that is, in addition to annual stewardship.  Gifts that are "planned" often benefit the donor as well as the recipient. The simplest of these is the bequest, created when a person draws up a will indicating that a portion of the estate will be left to a charitable institution that has positively influenced that person's life. Other planned giving instruments have fancy names -- "Charitable Gift Annuity," "Charitable Remainder Trust"--but they are easy to create with the assistance of an estate lawyer.  Our tax codes allow benefits to donors who create bequests or designate a portion of their estate as a trust.

Over the years, members of St. George's, Newburgh, have identified the church as a beneficiary in their will.  Others have established instruments such as a charitable gift annuity which provides the donor income for life, with the principle accruing to the church upon death.  Funds received in this way by the church typically flow into the endowment and help strengthen the foundations of the parish for future generations.

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