Paul Haywood-Motz

The Reverend Dustin Trowbridge

Office Manager and  Bookkeeper

The Vestry meets monthly.  With members elected at the Annual Parish Meeting in January, the Vestry is responsible for the fiscal assets and property of the parish; its members set the tone and articulate the vision of the parish.

 Carl Orner 

Director of Music/Organist
C. Merrell King


Fernando Reyes


Alan Nucifore, Mary Barber, Paul Haywood-Motz, Susan Preece, Glen Macken, Catherine Costello, Jose Fontanez, Georgia Colquhoun, Cecilia Falbe, Rev. Dustin Trowbridge, Melissa Hurbanek

​Not shown:Derrec Dorner, Annette Marzan, Tanya Rice Thompson​

Susan Preece 2017-2019      

Mary Barber 2016-2018    

Belong at St. George's

St. George's Episcopal Church

The Reverend Deacon Vonnie Hubbard,